Should You Rent a Dumpster?

Would you like to dump the trash lying about your home? Figure out if a junk hauling service or a dumpster can provide for your needs. This is especially needed if you’re doing some home remodeling projects in your home.

No homeowner has all the necessary tools to move their own junk safely into the landfill. This task requires a big, weight-bearing truck to load and dump your junk in the right places. Note that not all junk goes to the same place. Some must be sent to storage facilities and others to recycle centers.

You need to do a lot of research to know how to dispose of trash properly without being fined heftily by the local government. To make things simpler for you, it’s better to hire an Alexandria VA dumpster rental company to help you out. Based on how you intend to remove junk from your home, you have two general choices, and these are junk removal service and dumpster rental.

Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental Explained

Junk removal companies will say that they are going to do all the job for you, like taking that fridge out of your cellar and dragging it away. While that’s true, remember that if needed, you will pay for multiple trips with the junk removal company. It means that you might have to call them again if you find some waste left. You can only fill up their truck as much.

Dumpster rental companies will let you fill the bin and when it’s full, they’ll just haul them out. Dumpsters are leased each week and that makes them perfect for projects that are will last for many days.

You may take your sweet time in filling the dumpster. Some companies will allow you to just call them when they should pick up the dumpster if it is still within the expected time frame. There are heavy-duty containers available and they are designed to contain over 3,300 pounds of junk. There are smaller dumpsters as well.

Which Service to Choose

If you’re choosing between a dumpster and junk removal service, here are more a few things more to consider. The location where the dumpster will be installed can impact the costs and prices of the rental service. Each place is unique so you must check in with the rental company first. However, the exact spot where you put the dumpster may need a permit. Check with your city government. Dumpster rental companies will guide you as to what to do and where to get those permits.

Leasing dumpsters for 3 to 4 days may cost you anywhere between $90 and $850, and that should include dumping fees. When renting a dumpster trucks, don’t forget to ask the prescribed weight limit. You don’t want to overfill the dumpster or else you’ll have to pay additional fees.

The charges of junk removal companies are straightforward. Just make sure that they’re parked in the right places, so you won’t have any infractions with the law. There’s not always a need for permits. But you must still ask your local government.

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